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Ever wonder what happened after the castaways were rescued off the island? Well, you're about to find out when you become one of the castaways back in L.A., California @



#1.) You have to make a seperate journal for you character, and please make sure that you put either public or private in your characters journal entry, that way if the entry is private you can still read it but your character has to pretend they didn't read it. Please make your username something intresting about the character, not just their name.

#2.) Respect everyone in the community.

#3.) Some roleplays rated R or NC-17. So please make sure you're mature enough to handle that before auditioning.

#4.) No use of foul lanuage unless used in contex as a character.

#5.) No GODMODDING! If you have an idea for a character, talk to that person personally, and they may or may not use your idea. Otherwise, stick to your own character.

#6.) And most of all have fun!

#7.) Put "Typhoon Melissa" in the subject of your application so we know you read the rules.

Any questions? Feel free to email me at ZTate04@aim.com.

Daley Marin (logicallyright)
Lex Marin
Nathan McHugh (boyscoutblunder)
Eric McGorrill (classclowneric2)
Taylor Hagan (not_that_stupid)

Cody Jackson (hidden_jackson)
Melissa Wu (color_and_life)
Jory Twist
Abby Fujimoto
Ian Milbauer

OC Charaters:
Dylan King (fballking)
Chris Devereaux (chris_cross_d)
Caty Rose McHugh (rose_4_caty)
Corri Davies (cutiecorri)
Julie Monroe (that_girl_julie)
Jenna Carter (jenna_sayshi)
Seth Montgomery (35mmontegomery)
Lucas Zorino (writer_luc)
Zoey King (gymnzt2)
Kelsi Nielsen-Jackson (kelsiplayspiano)

Maia Mae (rockin_ash01)
Jo (jo__angel)